Thell Torrence Enterprises is a corporate entity that specializes in the management, training, consulting and development of boxers. This is accomplished through a uniquely designed program that is focused on developing and sustaining the fighter's physical, mental, and financial security with major emphasis placed on life after boxing.

For over 40 years in boxing, we have achieved numerous accomplishments. In particular, our unique training program has produced some of the world's finest boxers. The program is designed to meet the multiple needs of the individual boxer. It is structured in a manner that challenges the fighter to maximize his potential in order to achieve the highest level of success.

These opportunities are available for all that meet the minimum requirements, including beginners, amateur and professional boxers. Selection is nondiscriminatory and based on one's ambition, desire, and ability. Further, it is pertinent that one possesses the following values: a positive attitude, trustworthiness, sense of loyalty, and respect.

TRAINING: We provide a safe and comfortable training environment that facilitates the enhancement and fine-tuning of one' s skills. Through our capable trainers, who possess an array of expertise and experiences, we are able to work with the multiple and diverse needs of all fighters.


MANAGEMENT: When engaged as a manager, our action is always in the best interest of the boxer. Our representation provides the boxer a thorough and exclusive management arrangement, including, training and marketing of the Athletic professional boxing career. We strive to select and secure appropriate fights that would foster the development of the boxer's skills and abilities, While sustaining his development, we work to maneuver him into opportunities that empowers him-to reach his maximum potential as required under the agreement, provided the fighter adhere to the obligations as outlined under the agreement.


CONSULTANT: As a consultant we shall on behalf of the boxer, make every effort to insure that our client is exposed, promoted and marketed to the fullest extent of his ability, both commercially and otherwise for his maximum earning potential and interest under this agreement.